Friday, January 8, 2010

Meeting With Roland Radack

A group of us (Carl, Dave, Kay, and Doug) went up to Salt Lake City today to meet with two of our mentors, Roland Radack and Dee Williams.  Roland is the Vice President of Deseret Management Corporation and Dee is the CFO of Deseret Book. They helped us out with our business plan model as we are involved in two competitions, the Social Venture Competition and the Business Plan Competition at BYU.  It was great to be able to hear some of their ideas as they deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis.  They were so willing to help out and show us things that would improve our business model.  
To learn more about Roland Radack, click HERE.I couldn't find anything on Dee but if you want more information, email Dave.
Our purpose for meeting with them was two fold: 1) to get feed back on our business plan and 2) to prepare ourselves to meet with LDS HUmanitarian Services. Unfortunately, LDS Humanitarian Services wants to preview our idea before we are able to present to them, so Roland and Dee talked to us about what we should have in our preview packet for them. They said that now that we have the mechanical testing of the leg almost done, LDS Humanitarian Services will want to see the practical testing of the leg done. We are in need of someone who is a below the knee amputee and is willing to try out the leg for a period of time. If anyone knows of anybody who would be willing, please let us know. That is the next step in our journey.

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