Monday, January 31, 2011

Student Innovator Of The Year Competition

A couple weeks ago "2ft Prosthetics" entered the Student Innovator of the Year (SIOY) competition held at BYU. We made it to the semi-finals by putting up a poster in the hallway and answering questions from the judges. Doug Wright gave the presentation just an hour after having received a root canal! We were awarded 2nd place, which was worth $1500. This will be a great aid in helping us go on our next venture to Tonga.
We were also awarded $2,500 and judges choice from the Perry Foundation which has given us mentoring opportunities with companies like IDEO, Mulago Foundation and Catapult Design. These are all innovative companies that have given us aid with product design and disbursement.

Peery Social Entrepreneurship Fellow Doug Wright accepts his award from the foundation's Jessamyn Lau and BYU's Todd Manwaring.
This event was featured on the Mechanical Engineering's homepage of their website.
With this being the first SIOY competition, it drew quite a crowd. There were a total of 30 entries with 12 making it to the semi-finals. It was a great honor to be able to compete and to introduce our product to more people. We hope that this idea will continue to spread and that people who need our product will be able to receive it soon.
**This took place on October 27, 2010