Tuesday, February 8, 2011

U.S. ISPO Code of Conduct

2ft Prosthetics is proud to announce that it has agreed to endorse the U.S. ISPO Code of Conduct. This code can be viewed by clicking here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Direct Sell Expo

In November, we were invited to attend the Direct Sell Expo that was put on by Scott Taylor. He is a local business owner and entrepreneur who liked our product an wanted to give us some stage time in front of other business owners. This expo was intended for multi level marketing companies, but we went in hopes that they would see us as a charity and that they would donate to the cause. This is Doug Wright presenting with Bruce wearing a prosthetic that we built for him.
He walked around on the leg and showed off its capabilites. Thanks Bruce for being there and for helping out with the expo. Thanks to Bruce's wife as well, she is pregnant and supported him the whole time.

Here is our table with out posters and out donation bowl. We were able to raise a little bit of cash and made some great contacts with people that are currently helping or will help in the future.
This is the majority of those who came up. From left to right: Dave Williams, Sadie Blasucci , Julie Bagley, Doug Wright, Bruce's wife (sorry I forgot your name!), Bruce, Alex Jafek, Chantelle Ledingham.
The keynote speaker was Ron McMillan who has authored many books including "The Influencer". This was a great experience which has given us many contacts and helped our project be exposed to another market. This is also where the idea came to put the "Donate" link up on our website. A special thanks to Scott Taylor for all of your help with making this event a success for 2ft.
**This event took took place on November 18, 2010