Thursday, January 28, 2010

2ft Prosthetics Video of PVC Feet Test


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! What a difference this will make to those needing prosthetics. Amazing how much cheaper. Way to go!

bobcat said...

my family is interested in becoming involved. i would like to get my extended family involved as well. Do you have photos or stories that could be easily emailed- of the individuals and families that are being helped? ddsdavid at h0tmail

Thank you for your work in this area- you video on youtube is very touching. God bless you.

Keith & Stephanie said...

Saw your segment on GTU. This is so incredible, amazing what you have done. Our Stake (Morningside, St. George) sponsored a man from Western Samoa, about 10 yrs ago. Since he has been back to Samoa he has had touble with his prosthetic leg. Because of the distance we can not help him. We would love to help this man, father of 5, without having to bring him back to the US. Is there any way that you can help? How close is Tonga to Samoa. AND Do you have future dates planned? Is there a better way to contact you. Please advise
Stephanie Reber

Keith & Stephanie said...

Here is contact info for me
Stephanie Reber
435 628-3009

Please, please, would love to hear back with any options.

Map of Ancient Greece said...

Another Smart post from you Admin :)