Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Your Support is Needed - Donate United MileagePlus Miles for Micronesia!!!

Donate Your United MileagePlus Miles Now to Help the People of Micronesia Walk Again

You Can Make a Difference

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Micronesia is one of the most poverty-stricken nations in the developing world. Over 2,000 islands are scattered across an ocean area the size of the United States. Transportation between islands is limited and airfares are very expensive.  Healthcare is nearly nonexistent, and medical diagnoses are widespread and far-reaching. Diabetes in particular is one such prevalent condition, and many people are required to undergo painful and life-altering amputations.     

Fact: Diabetes strikes hundreds of people in Micronesia. Many are required to undergo painful, life-altering amputations, making diabetes the primary cause of amputations in Pacific island nations like Micronesia.

At 2ft Prosthetics (, we are working with the primary hospitals of Micronesia to establish their first prosthetics program. By partnering with the Ayuda Foundation, medical and engineering volunteers can travel to Micronesia using donated United MileagePlus Miles to train local medical staff to make and fit prosthetic legs and ultimately provide a better quality of life for these islanders.

Donate your United MileagePlus Miles now to help send volunteers to Micronesia. Don’t let your unused miles go to waste—your contribution will help better the lives of those in need of medical care.  Note that frequent flyer mileage with Star Alliance Members (e.g. US Airways, Luftsansa, Swiss Air, Continental, etc.) can be converted to United MileagePlus Miles.

Step 1: Declare.
Ensure your miles go toward setting up the first prosthetics clinic in Micronesia by declaring how many miles will be donated to 2ft Prosthetics in the form below. There is a minimum donation of 500 miles (but no maximum!)

If you have trouble viewing or submitting the form below, you can fill it out online (Link to Form - Click Here) or email your responses to

Thank you for completing the form.  You're almost done...

Fact: Micronesia is one of the world's poorest countries, ranking 187 out of 193 on the UN GDP list

Step 2: Donate.

Click on the link below to donate your United MileagePlus Miles through United Airlines. Be sure to donate your miles to the Ayuda Foundation. 

You will be asked to provide your United MileagePlus Miles number and PIN/Password.

Step 3: Share.

Do you have any friends or colleagues who are frequent travelers?  Are there family members who has United MileagePlus Miles that are going to expire soon?  Please share this message with others!

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”  -Desmond Tutu

Comments? Concerns? Questions?

Should you have any trouble donating your miles or have any further questions regarding our mission, contact 2ft Prosthetics at  If you have trouble viewing the form in Step 1, please email us your responses to

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