Thursday, June 9, 2011

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UVU International Service Club gives Guatemalan’s a leg up

June 9, 2011
For Immediate Release

University Marketing & Communications: Mike Rigert
Written by: Silvia Lobendahn

Eleven Utah Valley University students, two University advisers, and one recent BYU
graduate have been in Guatemala for nearly a week and a half this June to support a
humanitarian project that will provide low-cost prosthetics to 13 amputees.

The members of UVU’s International Service Abroad Club, Julie Bagley, program director
of UVU’s National Student Exchange, Silvia Lobendahn, an adviser to the ISA Club, and
Doug Wright from 2Ft. Prosthetics a not for profit organization have measured, built, and
fit 13 amputees with brand new prosthetics made from pvc within a week’s time. One of
the fortunate amputees named Carlos, an eleven year old boy, was the recipient of two legs
yesterday to help accommodate his growing frame. His mother, a single parent, was so
grateful to receive this help since her job at WalMart only brings in an estimated amount of
$160 US a month to care for both Carlos and his younger brother who is only 7 years old.
The prosthetics can be attached for around 15 percent of the cost of an average prosthetic,
but all 13 prosthetics were donated with money that was raised from 2Ft Prosthetics and the
ISA club.

“The goal is to start self-sustaining clinics that can provide prosthetics for those who are
not able to afford them,” Bagley said. “This humanitarian project is changing the lives of
both the volunteers and the recipients.”

The focus of 2Ft Prosthetics is to establish, step by step, similar clinics worldwide in
underdeveloped countries. The UVU club plans to participate in another 2Ft Prosthetics
project in the future. John Calveri, a UVU student has filmed and will produce a
documentary of the trip for his senior project.

“These students plan and organize humanitarian projects worldwide,” Lobendahn
said. “They have visited other countries where they have left a lasting impact. The aim is to
restore hope and much needed relief.”

For more information contact Mike Rigert, UVU communications manager, at 801-863-
6807. To donate to the humanitarian project contact Silvia Lobendahn at 801-863-7296 or
Julie Bagley at 801-863-6750.


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